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What is Carenea?

CARENEA AG is a dynamic company focussing exclusively on the temporary placement of care specialists. We have united experts from politics, healthcare and business to get CARENEA AG off the ground and to combat the shortage of skilled specialists together.

We set high standards: our close collaboration with our partner organisations Lifestage Solutions AG, Academia Group and DOCatHOME DOC@HOME AG enables us to provide our staff with training in specialist skills, technology and language.

We provide temporary placements of highly qualified, proactive specialists.

What does Careneaaim to achieve?

Our mutual goal is to support our customers with trained, professional temporary staff, in order to enable our customers to concentrate on their core business. We aim to contribute to the healthcare system with the help of top professionals and do our part to tackle the shortage of skilled specialists.

We aim to enthuse our customers by maintaining a pool of ideal specialists and making their services available to our customers. We aim to act as an intermediary for experienced professionals who are ready to start work immediately, with no induction period needed.

Our customers find our staff to be skilled and passionate, which is expressed in the following traits:

  • They think proactively
  • They are trained and up to date
  • They receive continual training and information
  • They are service-oriented
  • They are loyal and conscientious

Our goal is to enthuse our customers.

What does Carenea offer its customers?

We are a dedicated partner for institutions offering inpatient and outpatient care. We know what you need. We are familiar with your day-to-day business and understand your daily challenges.

Are you looking for staff who do not require a long induction period?

Are you looking for staff who are proactive and can jump in at short notice?

Then we are the right partner for you. We recruit our staff with care and invest in their training. Our staff receive training in the following areas:

  • IT and EDP skills
  • Care and medical technology
  • Instruments for assessment and evaluation

We employ specialist care staff with the following qualifications: PEI / DNII / AKP / FaGe

Our staff are highly specialised in the following areas:

Outpatient care/at-home care
Acute care/hospital care
Long-term care/care homes

Customer satisfaction is what drives us.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we carry out regular surveys in order to guarantee the highest quality service.


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+41 58 255 31 18
+41 58 255 31 18